Getting organised

The work to sort through the great tools that lots of generous local people have given us is still underway. Steve has laid out boxes to group the hand tools together. It is an impressive stock and there’s still more to go.

Tools and tools galore

Steve just keeps gathering more and more tools and supplies. Each time he collects something, someone else seems to offer more. Most of this is really good stuff, with plenty of use in it for us.

Here’s a few photos of his latest haul.

Hand tools

Jim in Swanland has given us some hand tools and a toolbox. As shown below. We also got a Flymo to keep any grass in order.


We have been lucky enough to be offered all sorts of tools and supplies such as wood. We now have been very kindly offered some storage space to keep this safe until we have our own premises.

Raymond James have offices in Hessle in the old police station. They have kindly offered us some storage space which is very useful.


More Tools

These tools were kindly donated from someone in Hessle.

Mitre saw

A mitre saw was donated yesterday from anonymous donor on Willerby and Kirk Ella website.


Steve Brown received these tools from Mr & Mrs Chandler via the Willerby & Kirk Ella website.