We have been very lucky to receive donations of tools and equipment from many local people. It means we are well set up for most of what we need in our workshop, when the Covid restrictions allow us to use the shed again. Thanks to everyone for their support.

We would expect to be welcoming members to meet, chat, drink tea and use the workshop if they want to, but Covid restrictions are stopping that of course. The problem is that the running costs are still there, but we have no subs coming in to pay the bills.

We have received some grants for jobs like mending the roof and fixing the heating, which were very welcome and useful, but this so-called restricted funding (we are restricted as to what we spend the money on) is not for general running costs. We have bills to pay for gas, electricity, water, rates ground rent and so on. Members’ subs will cover this when all is normal, but at the moment we need to find a way to cover this.

To help out we are asking people if they can spare us some money to help keep things going. We have created a Just Giving page where people can give some money. If you can help please check the link below.

Thank you.

Next Online meeting

Our next online meeting will be at 2:00pm on Wednesday 10th February. This is a Covid-safe way of chatting to a few folks for a while from the comfort of your own home. You have to supply your own tea though. If you want to join us to find out more about Men in Sheds Haltemprice or for a chat, use the contact page and we will send you details of how to join in.

See you soon.

Getting organised

The work to sort through the great tools that lots of generous local people have given us is still underway. Steve has laid out boxes to group the hand tools together. It is an impressive stock and there’s still more to go.

Site plans

Steve has created these site plans with different features shown on each plan. The files are A3 size. They are posted as pdf files so anyone can view them, Steve has the original editable drawing files.

Grounds & Building (20/11/20) plan

Electrical (20/11/20) plan

Fire (20/11/20) plan

Mechanical (20/11/20) plan

No features (20/11/20) plan

Tools and tools galore

Steve just keeps gathering more and more tools and supplies. Each time he collects something, someone else seems to offer more. Most of this is really good stuff, with plenty of use in it for us.

Here’s a few photos of his latest haul.

Hand tools

Jim in Swanland has given us some hand tools and a toolbox. As shown below. We also got a Flymo to keep any grass in order.